Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Last Yr.

So The most exciting thing that happened this year was Ripken was born in Sept. He is sooo Chubby and Happy.

We Moved in to our home in Rexburg. And my sister Trista is building right down the street!!

Bostin Turned 3 Yrs. Old. He is a little hand full and a sweet heart, he trades off with the two. :)

Maycee our little princess turned 5 Yrs. old she is such a great helper.

We went to Disney World in Dec. to see Kelsi Bretts little sis. who was working there. It was super fun.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So I am Clueless... I made this cute digital picture strip and cant figure out how to make it big... I need help any hints?

Kesler Fun

So my sister has a blog and it is so cute I love reading about every one so I thought I should start one (with alot of prompting from fam. and friends) So I will just tell you a little about my Family. We live in the fridged waste land of Rexburg Idaho... It is great:) Brett (my extra HOT hubby) and I have been marreid for 7 yrs & we have 3 kids, yes we are old: Maycee 5, Bostin 3, Ripken 4 mon. Ripken is our fav. don't tell our other kids. He doesnt talk back or boss me around, and he never complaines about what outfit I put on him.... yes he is great. We love all our kids, being a mom is the greatest job ever, even better than teaching ballroom & that is hard to beat.