Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Busy

Maycee & Savannah

Maycee being brave
Rain storn fun
Cage up those kids ;)
Activity time
A blurry space needle
Rip was so amazing on the plane... thank you :)

This was the view out our window of our hotel, nice
We have been busy busy 1st was Kesler cabin week and the Wray reunion, then mid week we came home while Brett flew to another Pinnacle thing. While he was gone we had the Jacksons come and stay for 5 days. (it was super fun having you guys come back soon!) Then we all headed back to the Island park with the Keslers. The day we got home from I.P. my Parents took Maycee & Bostin camping and fishing. Thanks mom and dad you are the best, the kids had an amazing time. So while my parents had the big kids Ripken and I joined Brett on his business trip to Seattle for 3 days. It was beautiful, one of the few places I haven't ever been to. I went to a street market, saw the space needle, went to a horse race, and had some amazing seafood. All in all the last two weeks have been busy and super fun. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boating Fun

This weekend my dad took us all boating, our fam, sponenburghs, Jaymie, My mom. It was super fun thanks dad! Maycee gives you a thumbs up
Brave clif Jumpers... even dad got in on the fun ;)
Dont look down
Bretts still got it
What ever it is :)
Bostin Lovin wakeboarding... or maybee just his dad!
Maycee was brave too
Dont forget Pyper!
And even I still have it.... Ha ha

Long Time Friends

Our friend the Andersons came to visit our family again this year. They are such nice friend to my parents, they have been friends since we lived in Colorado 1983. So while they were her we hit up the sites and went to bear world it was my first time it was a fun place.
Three hot mama bears!!

The kids and a deer/ Bambi

Jaymie and Ripken & Tharina in the back
Mac, Bos & bostins new best friend Talmage (sorry if that's not spelled right)
Bear Hug!
Train ride
My mom and Rip. Thanks Andersons for coming it was soo fun to see you and reminiscing about the past. xoxox. Next time I will be better and get a picture of their family. You live and learn.

The 4th

This year on the 4th Brett was actually home so we got the chance to do normal 4th of July things like watch the parade. It was crazy people allowing their kids to run in the street to get candy. I thought someone was going to die!! Maycee is protecting Bostin, too cute :)

This is the treat I made for Bretts kesler Family reunion!! I know Martha right ;)
Then we stayed at the Hilton on the river, with Bretts reward points, one good thing about him traveling soo much :) The fire works were amazing as usual! Maycee is missing in this pic because my parents took her to Hannah Montana. She loved it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ripken 9 mon.

Ripken is Nine months & I wanted to put on some pics of him. Well I realized i haven't taken any... by the third child it is a rare occasion that we get out the camera just for him. He is usually sleeping or in the background just being happy. So I though this video would have to do.

Ripken is getting so big but is not that motivated to crawl. He just sits there and lets his brother and sister bring him things he wants. He talks all the time he says , momma, dad, nana, kuh kuh, num num, oah oww (when he drops things) , and trista thinks he can say her name tee tah :) He claps, puts his arms up when you say sooo Big, and waves night night at bed time. One thing he does that none of our other kids have done is he cries if I am in the room & not holding him. Brett can be right next to me and holding him and if I dont pick him up he wont stop crying. Needless to say my arms are super strong (one good thing);) We love him and are so thankful he is the best baby ever.