Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Island Park Fun!

Seeing that I wish it was warmer, I decided to post these pics of a little weekend in I.P. to help me remember the GOOD things about winter ;)
The Kids LOVE to snowmobile! 
Especially our Biggest kid... I am not talking about Ripken...
Boss is sooo funny he saw some big kids ridding standing up so he just knew he could too! Classic Boy!!
Family fun sponsored by...
I know what you are thinking.... & I think it may be true, he does want to DIE!!
Although I am sure it is not the biggest cornus he has dropped this year ( I just spoke in snowmobile lingo) Ha HA . Who would have ever thought?
We do love to play in the snow!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Junior Miss

The winners!!!
Jaymie was the back stage director
the girls looking fabulos
Super cute decor, our theme was Fabulous
All the girls, all 31 plus Rachelle Moss (the other director) and I

So if you think I have been ignoring you, don't worry its not just you.  I have been totally busy the last 3 months with Junior Miss. Rachelle asked me to be her co-chair & it has been really fun.  The girls were great to work with (even at 6 am practice).  And it keeps me busy, and I could all ways use some thing to do ;) It was fun, & I am glad it is done. Yeah