Friday, May 30, 2008

Boston Children's Museum

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We went to the Franklin Park Zoo today in Boston.  It was just an o.k. zoo I wouldn't go again. And I am big fan of Zoos.  I secretly want to be a zoo worker, and wear the hot khaki outfits:)
The kids are little animals... no really :)
This is Catie Borland she is a great help... And we all now as a single mom...(well kind of ;) I could use it!! Ripken loved the Gorillas  
It is sooo great to have other wives to hang with on long summer days

Sorry about the picture overload!!! But you have to keep the family updated when you are across the country.  It was a fun day and SOOOOO HOT...   

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

So we started this weekend off with a bang & decided to finely go see the ocean.  It is amazing to me the cold breeze that comes from the coast.  It can be soo hot and then you get by the water and you need a winter coat.  It is freezing and I am not sure how all the people in the water did not die of hypothermia. Questionable??? 
It was pretty though
Ripken was not sure if he liked the water or not.... Maycee and Bostin on the other hand started by running in and getting their feet wet... Yet by the end they were wet waist high.  Good thing we didn't have a change of clothes;)
After church on Sunday we went to go see the temple.  It was beautiful... of course.
Don't worry we didn't forget Ripken he was just sleeping in the car.  On our way to the temple we had one of our normal funny 3 yr. old talks with Bostin.  "Daddy will I be able to see Jesus at the temple" said Bostin.  Brett nicely explained that yes we say it is his house but he is not their.  He just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that he doesn't live at his house!!! Classic... Then he followed up with "...So..... will Jesus baptise  me"  Mind you he seemed disappointed it would be his dad instead...He is full of great ?'s.. He must have a great sunbeam teacher:)
On Monday we hit the pool.  It was soooo warm like bath water.  I love this pool it has a big shallow section.

Maycee is becoming a great little swimmer.  Bostin just sinks, but insists that you let him go.  He then sinks to the bottom of the pool, but when I pull him up he says, see I can swim... uhuuuh.... funny  (this is Atalade a friend maycee has made)  Brett flew out Sunday so we have lots planned to keep us busy this week.  Love you babe and miss you xoxoxox

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday in Boston!

So Brett, being the amazing husband he is, took off work early to make me feel important on my birthday and we hit the town. 1st stop mortons steak house!! I do love a good steak, and you cant beat the cake that seeps out chocolate!! 
Brett also made me my 1st birthday cake that was made by him.  I think this was the best part of the day.
Then we went to Fenway Park, who doesnt love baseball??
I know you can't tell but Big Papi was up to bat... we really wanted him to hit a home run we were in the perfect spot to catch it.
Me and the Big Green Monsta
This is where the Boston Tea Party happened
Me and Maycee... do we look alike??
The kids and brett got me a new racket...a girl one this time, mine at home is for boys.  Maycee was taking pics of me opening my presents.. she likes action shots
Me and Brett at the harbor and down town in the back ground... You gotta love the self photo
All in all it was an amazing day.  It almost made me forget I am so far away from family and friends.  Thanks to all those that called & sent me gifts.  It is great to know you are loved and missed xoxoxox

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ripken 8 Months

So it is sad to say but Ripken is 8 months today!! His favorite thing right now is to jump in his jumper, while Maycee & Bostin make him laugh :)

Ripken has come a long way since last month, he now; loves eating (except the 1st bite), says moma, rolls around like crazy, gets sad when the big kids steal his stuff, and laughs more than any other child.  we love him and are so glad to have such a wonderful baby in our home... ow wait apartment;)
By the way just in case I havent told everyone 100 times tomorrow is the best day of the year My Birthday Just a small reminder :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Hampshire

So this weekend we went to visit my cousin Ali, her hubby Jeremy, and their son Caleb in New Hampshire.  It was sooooo much fun. Jeremy is just finishing up with his residency at Dartmouth.  We went to Dartmouth university, Vermont, & New Hampshire.  It is just beautiful everywhere you go around here... you could just drive for hours.  Thanks Ali for being the best tour guide! ;)
Notice the cute covered bridge in the background.  This waterfall powers this glass and pottery making store and restaurant.  
These too guys were hand making glasses, it was really neat to watch.

This is a sap shack, tubes from the maple trees run to this shack 
This is my fabulous cousin Ali, her and I have all ways been best friends.. After being around her again it reminded my why I love her sooo much.  She is amazing and I miss her being around.  But she was the best hostess and guide, thanks
This is Alis dog stryder ...the kids loved him he is the nicest dog, and put up with their abuse well :)
This is where Joseph Smith was born
This monument was put up one hundred years after his death in the early 1900's.  My great grandmother (who is 100) & my late great grandfather served a mission here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ripken 7 Mon.

So you would think with how chubby our little Ripken is that he would LOVE food, but, you would be wrong! He hates anything in his mouth. It is sooo funny. The best is when the kids watch me feed him Bostin makes the throw up noise (BAHLLLLAH) every time Ripken spits out his food. Priceless. So today I was atempting to get Ripken to eat and helping bostin eat his breakfast and I looked away while holding Ripken on the table and look what happened.

WOW this stuff is fun.... if not yummy!!

Hummm I wounder... nope still sick


Ripken is getting so big: he sits up, rolls all over, says dada, baba, and buh, he still lights up the room with his smile, and most of all is amazingly good. Falls asleep easy, waits his turn (a long time), and laughs at everything. We love hims sooo much & are so glad he is part of our family.

Playing at the Park

We have a nice park right next to our apt. this year. The kids love playing at it.

Our friends Nicole and Nash joined us at the park. It is all ways nice to have people you love come with you. It helps to make the summer go by faster... and funner!!!! Is funner a word.... HUM?????

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bathing In Boston

So it is that time of year.... The time of year we look forward to most, where we get to pack up our three kids and move across the country. Yes we love summer sales.!!! This summer we are in Boston, I am excited we have always wanted to come here.. Hopefully it will be fun. So far all it has been is rainy. This weekend we are going to see my cousin Ali in New Hampshire.  That will be fun and the weather has been sunny today so things are looking up :)
The kids were AMAZING on the air plane. People had to walk by us ...(we were right by the stinky bathroom) and when they did everyone would say how amazingly good they were. mind you I was sweating bullets pulling out all the tricks.. My bag of tricks was BIG! We have been here 3 days and have not done one fun thing yet.. hopefully soon. But the kids took their first bath with Ripken.. it was cute

Ripken loves his brother, and sister, almost as much as he loves baths!!

I just wanted to thanks my parents for the great birthday party they gave me before I left.. Birthdays are big deals at my house.. & Brett just doesn't understand the whole birthday WEEK! I mean hasn't he heard I am a pretty big deal ;) Miss you all already mom, dad, trista, and jaymie... and mackay and pyper xoxox