Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Have You ever been THIS tired???

So we decided to start to put our kids to bed a little earlier than we had. We use to put our kids to bed at 9 and they would get up at 8:30 ish we loved it. But our kids have started to get up whenthey hear people in the kitchen so now they get up at more like 7:30 (not loving it) So we started a 7-8 bed time ...we try for 7 but it is more like 8 when everyone is sleeping. But Bostin has seemed even more sleepy with the earily bed time i mean just look at what I found on the stairs a few days ago...
I mean you cant even make it from the play room up the stairs that is Bad..
1/2 way up and just .......cant...... take...... one.....more.....s...t...e...p...
I think that he will ajust to the new bed time... but I am glad he gave me such a cute story to tell :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sewing Project

So its suppose to be Spring break but it is more like Snow break. I have some seriouse winter blues... the kids and the weather were bugging so we took a trip to walmart. They have flannel on sale for $2 a yard, so we decided to make super hero capes. When I say we I really just mean me. The whole idea is to keep them entertained with the capes so I could acomplish a few things around the house & be less bugged........ it totally worked :)
These are Ripken, super hero, and bostin capes
My Super Hero family...even dad was caught up in the fun!!!
Looking good
These are maycee , and super capes. Maycee pointed out S could stand for Sponenburgh.. She is all ways looking out for her cousins. In fact her and Bostin wanted to give Mackay and Pyper the S cape but..... sorry.... I will show you how to make them Triss

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

So today is my Daddys B-day, & I just wanted to take a sec and say 5 things I love about my Dad.. Nice memories are sometimes way better than a present.. But we have one of those too :)
1. My Dad deserves an award from living with and putting up with all girls (even our pets are girls) that alot of darn females... Sad... but now we gave him Grandsons ;)
2. My dad can make Ripken smile better than anyone (& babys are excelent judges of people)
3. My dad has seen more chick flicks than any other man, and on the other side has taught us to love the Discovery channel & old western.. Your my Huckelberry ...DAD
4. My Dad taught us to be mighty fisher women... Does reeling in a fish count as catching a fish??? :)
5. My Dad has a sweet spirit and my even shed a tear or two over extreme home makeover.. And we all have an extreme love for reality t.v.. I think my Dad could win SURVIVOR
Love you Dad hope you have a Happy Birthday xoxoxoxoxxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxo