Friday, August 20, 2010

Painting Project

So when Brett is away I dont know why but it inspires me to do projects.... not cleaning or any crazy thing like that . Painting projects. My parents took the kids camping so I had the evening to my self so I invited over my sisters & we got to work. Maycee has cute flower bedding with zebra sheets. But this will just finish off the look.
Blank wall, to start with
Jaymie & I putting on the 2nd coat
Jaymie has serious painting skills... even though it is on her face :)
Finished project

Notice the Zebra sheets & zebra on the vanity
Maycee had this vanity so I revamped it with a little zebra ribbon to fit in

I love animal print & Maycee has inherited that trait. We saw a room with a zebra wall so I just started in the middle and free handed it. I think for not having a clue that it turned out awesome!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Softball Champions

Bretts team won the city softball tournament this year

10 years of marriage!!! WOW

I cant believe that it has been ten years! It has gone by so fast, of course part of that is being married to such an amazing man. Brett is everything I wanted & all the thing I never knew i needed in my life. He makes me a better person every day & is an amazing father to our children. I am seriously excited for the next ten years. We have accomplished a lot together & have 3 (4 in Dec) wounderful kids. (in ten years Maycee will be 18 I hope I will still be singing the same tune:))This year for our anniversary we went to Arkansas Fayetteville, then went to Nashville Tennessee. Brett had to work so I joined him. It was sun to hang out with Nicole and Katie in Fayettevilee, and Kelsi and all the wives in Tennasee. We even went to a lste movie step up three, in 3 D
Got to love 3 D
The titans stadium and Chattanooga river
The country music hall of fame
Of course I was asked to dance on the bar here
Getting all dressed up to hit the town. And a view of down town nashville.

That night we went to the wild horse saloon, we ate and danced. Then we went to the melting pot to get dessert. It was a really fun day. Brett thanks for taking the day off to spend with me!

Hunting... Yuck!

Brett went up with my dad to set up a blind for elk hunting. My dad who has no sons is soo happy Brett & Brad both want to start bow hunting. I on the other hand am not going to lie, am not excited at all.

Bear Lake

Brett & I in bear lake. Brett and Brad had a regional retreat for pinnacle so they missed the 1st 2 days but then they joined us for the end! Better late than never ... Right ;)
A great sandcastle nani even made flags
Our Pentelute Castle
Buried alive
I love the playground there... And if you notice Maycee chopped 6 inch. off her hair, she look super cute with short hair

Rip asked to go mini golfing about 20 times a day
Nice form
matching Mermaids
I love building sand castles .....while Jaymie & Trista laid out
The carp love to suck on your toes, Ripken even pushed Bostin in right in the middle of them all at the dock. It was a traumatizing experience for him
At Ideal beach they have 2 pools and one has a diving board. The kids dove, flipped, and Jaymie taught Mackay a back flip
Brett & Jaymie did some surf board tricks
Rip loved going off the slide

Even Grandpa MacKay came up for a day of fun

Kesler Cabin Week

Island Park was as beautiful as ever this year, lot of sun and fun. Not so much sun for me I still felt like crap but it was still fun. Every one skied a lot, played games, and went on a hike. This year we got an additional cabin where everyone had a room it was heavenly. With 15 adults and the kids out numbering them we have a Big crew. This year for our activity we played min. to win it, it was really fun. BY the end of the week we were all really tired
Rip the last mile of the hike... He just couldn't take it
Savannah & Maycee on the hike
Our fam
A BIrthday party Cam & Cami held
Got to love the razor!

I have lots more pics to post but they are on Bretts computer and he is not around... so later.

Camping with Nani & Grandpa

My parents got a trailer, so of course Brett & I being the only campers in the family went to Anaconda camping in style. It was really fun we went fishing sat around the campfire & watched Brett play softball. The kids loved it. The 1st mourning when Ripken work up he comes over to our bed while he is giggling the whole way and says..."Hey I slept in the trailer" He basically thought he was the bomb.
Grandpa is a master fisherman, he helped the kids catch this fish & 5 more in 45 min.
The camper... not too shabby
Maycee wanted to kiss the fish... on a dare ;)
The big slide... all the kids went down 20 times even Rip
Why are baseball uniforms sooo HOT! Maybe it is just my husband ;)

4th of July

This 4th of July we were actually at home and it was soo fun. Maycee was in the parade with dance addiction & the kids made a haul of candy. We had a BBQ @ our house then went to I.F. to watch the fireworks & stay at the hilton there. I think the fire works just get better and better every year.

us at the hilton waiting for the fireworks to start. We went with my parents and the Sponenburghs
The kids getting candy, it stresses me out how they let them in the road :)
We watched the parade with the Ashtons, sponenburghs, and my parents
Us with our cute little dancer :). Notice my jacket it was still chilly even in July:( And of course I was rocking the medicine pump, very stylish I know

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's A Boy!

So we now know that we are having a BOY!
I thought Maycee would for sure cry but she was strong. It was funny @ the ultrasound Ripken said whats that a monster, as we were being shown the baby. And Brett said no its your brother, and he said "my brothers a monster". Every one laughed and now I will never look @ ultrasounds the same :)