Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 years of marriage!!! WOW

I cant believe that it has been ten years! It has gone by so fast, of course part of that is being married to such an amazing man. Brett is everything I wanted & all the thing I never knew i needed in my life. He makes me a better person every day & is an amazing father to our children. I am seriously excited for the next ten years. We have accomplished a lot together & have 3 (4 in Dec) wounderful kids. (in ten years Maycee will be 18 I hope I will still be singing the same tune:))This year for our anniversary we went to Arkansas Fayetteville, then went to Nashville Tennessee. Brett had to work so I joined him. It was sun to hang out with Nicole and Katie in Fayettevilee, and Kelsi and all the wives in Tennasee. We even went to a lste movie step up three, in 3 D
Got to love 3 D
The titans stadium and Chattanooga river
The country music hall of fame
Of course I was asked to dance on the bar here
Getting all dressed up to hit the town. And a view of down town nashville.

That night we went to the wild horse saloon, we ate and danced. Then we went to the melting pot to get dessert. It was a really fun day. Brett thanks for taking the day off to spend with me!

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