Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer fun

So Trista and i decided we needed to have a water slide, the babes loved it
& so did the neighbors
Fishing in the canal with our cousins
watching Mackay play T-Ball
Crusin the town
Playing dress up (Matt is such a good friend)
Cabelas in Boise
The kids were so excited to see their cousin, six weeks was way too long!! After we flew in to boise Maycee said, today is the best day of my life I get to see, nani, grandpa, Jaymie and most of all my cousins.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New England Aquarium

So Brett was out of town again, so to keep me & the kids happy we hit the town.  We went to the aquarium it was pretty cool.  Not as cool as Baltimore but entertaining all the same. 

Our friends Caden Louder & Nash Humphreys joined us (& their moms too)
The kids loved the penguins best
The aquarium is right down town in the harbor
Right when you walk in the whole main floor is surrounded by penguins 

In the middle is this huge 5 story fish tank, with BIg fish, sharks, sting rays, and giant turtles  

The kids liked the kids exploration center where they could touch everything.  Like star fish, crabs, clams, and ext.  All in all it was a super fun trip.  After we started walking around but it was 100 degrees so that didn't last to long.  Way TOO HOT!!!  But I hear we will be cooling down.  We fly to Bosie this weekend to watch my little sis in the Miss Idaho Pageant. It was snowing in Idaho today :( that will be a big change. 

Monday, June 9, 2008

A New Trick!

Look what Ripken just learned to do! He is getting to big.  He also can do sooo big and wave but it would take a small miracle to get all his tricks on one video.  So Trista here you go the video you requested. (Fam 4 days till I get to see you all)!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah !!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) Can you tell I am excited :) !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jaymie Pentelute

Jaymie,  Good luck at Miss Idaho!!!!  We are sooo proud of you and the amazing person you are, through all the great things you have accomplished, and people you have touched.  You have such a big heart, and are as pretty on the outside as you are on the inside.  If people win for putting forth the most effort than i know you have this in the bag! ;) Just remember YOU ARE THE BOMB!!  I wish i was 1/2 as hot as you in a swimsuit..... if you got it flaunt it. Now I have just a few thoughts to help you smile if you need thing to think of: (sorry these are all personal jokes most from u tube videos)
1st..... Do you think I wake up with hair like this no.... you wish... I wish
2nd..... Stupid cupid (and the fact you arent singing it) 
3rd.... Just remember not to answer your ? with I personally believe
4th.....  You know how to spell map (and it only has one p) & you know mexico is by the ocean
5th... Remember we are all in the audience & all ready know you are the most beautiful and talented person we know
Maycee wants to say: I hope you don't fall in the pageant & get oweys. We miss you, & cant wait to come home and play with you. I Love you and think you are beautiful. Love Maycee Bostin says: Jaymie i will see you and give you a kiss and a hug, you best friend Bostin xoxox  
Good Luck! Love you, Brett, Misty, Maycee, Bostin, & Ripken
Break a leg!

Fenway Park

Lots of Pics only a family member would enjoy!! :)

Last night we took the kids to a Red Sox game.  It was super fun, the kids loved it.  We sat right behind the dugout, the kids each got a ball including our biggest kid Brett:).  It was a memory I think they will all ways remember. Let's go Red Sox!!!! (to bad they lost, big time) But at least the last game we went to was the no hitter!!   

Friday, June 6, 2008

We got SCREWED!!!

So last night Brett and a few guys got a pricey life lesson.  So I will start at the beginning; as all those sports fans know last night was game one in the NBA Finals.  LA vs Boston, and being that we are here in Boston all the die hard sports fans in our office decided after a hard days work (the games here start at 9 p.m.) would buy some tickets for the game.  They bought tickets from the first guy they met, for however much cash they could each get out of the atm, and ran like excited little school boys into the game that was about to start.... They get to the door, hand the guy their tickets and the tickets wont ring in... They are FAKE!!!! To tell the truth I am sure it almost brought all of them to tears (lets be honest)  But I know they all got that sick feeling inside.  They went from the highest hight to the lowest low... It is the worst feeling to feel like you got taken advantage of.  I hope the man who sold Brett the ticket burns in (beep) !! Maybe his experience will help some of you to be more suspicious of those ticket scalpers!! I mean they look so trustworthy;)

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Backyardigans & Coco Key Water Park

The Backyardigans Live on stage came to town & I had to take advantage!! The kids always want to go to these shows when we see them on t.v. but where we live... the big shows just don't come for a few thousand people:) 
It was sooo cute the kids love the tail of the mighty knights,  I would have to say hand down the Backyardigans is our fav. cartoon at our our house!! 
They loved the egg "wack wack" the grabbing goblin & the flighty fairy.... the dragon was cool as well.
And you just cant beat the song they start and end with.  Then they had a little dance along.  The kids had a great time singing all the songs along with them.  I did TOO!! I even caught Brett singing along;)  
Then we headed off to the Hotel where the water park is.  Coco Key is attached to the Sheraton Hotel.

Lazy River
Kids park
Too much fun
Bostin going down the slide!!! The kids were so brave, it was fun.
There was also a out side pool & splash park.  They had a little  monkey bars  and basketball hoops in the water too.

All in all it was an amazing weekend!!  The kids and even the big kids had the time of our lives!! Thanks Brett a.k.a. daddy for working soo hard so we can play hard too!!