Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jaymie Pentelute

Jaymie,  Good luck at Miss Idaho!!!!  We are sooo proud of you and the amazing person you are, through all the great things you have accomplished, and people you have touched.  You have such a big heart, and are as pretty on the outside as you are on the inside.  If people win for putting forth the most effort than i know you have this in the bag! ;) Just remember YOU ARE THE BOMB!!  I wish i was 1/2 as hot as you in a swimsuit..... if you got it flaunt it. Now I have just a few thoughts to help you smile if you need thing to think of: (sorry these are all personal jokes most from u tube videos)
1st..... Do you think I wake up with hair like this no.... you wish... I wish
2nd..... Stupid cupid (and the fact you arent singing it) 
3rd.... Just remember not to answer your ? with I personally believe
4th.....  You know how to spell map (and it only has one p) & you know mexico is by the ocean
5th... Remember we are all in the audience & all ready know you are the most beautiful and talented person we know
Maycee wants to say: I hope you don't fall in the pageant & get oweys. We miss you, & cant wait to come home and play with you. I Love you and think you are beautiful. Love Maycee Bostin says: Jaymie i will see you and give you a kiss and a hug, you best friend Bostin xoxox  
Good Luck! Love you, Brett, Misty, Maycee, Bostin, & Ripken
Break a leg!


Jaymie said...

wait.. they have beaches in mexico?... :) I LOVE YOU!!! That made me feel loved, and made me laugh.. just what a good sister is supposed to do ;) i wish you were here and cant WAIT to see you!! thanks for that.. you are the best!!

'Till we Kiel over... said...

Good luck Jaymie! Knock their socks off at Miss Idaho!