Saturday, June 4, 2011

A special Fast 4 Jaymie

To Family & Friends,

So my little sister Jaymie has not had the easiest road in life, when it comes to her health.From losing her site in one eye, to ticks, to mysterious pain and agony. ( I am not going to expound upon that any further… if I wrote all her illnesses we would be here for an hr.) But this coming week and the next few weeks my loving mother is taking Jaymie to the MAYO Clinic in Arizona. This is her last shot to find out what is wrong with her. So please join me and my family in a special fast this Sunday for Jaymie & the doctors so that they will be able to help Jaymie and find out how to make her life better, and easier for her to endure. I know not everyone is religious or spiritual but what ever you believe in or call upon lets all join together to help my little sister I love sooooo much! Thank you for all your support and prayers!!

Xoxoxoxxoxo Thanks Misty