Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kelsi's Wedding

Little Girls Loves Brides!!! I think it just natural we want to be a beautiful Bride & our Little sister Kelsi was.  Kelsi  & Caleb Fullmer got married this Sat.  Caleb is a great guy who loves Kelsi so much and we are excited to have him in the family. (even though I don't have one picture of him :)

Maycee with Kelsi
The food table (I took the pic before food was on it... oops)
The cake Desi did her cake too. The orange flowers are sugar.
The amazing gym transformation
The thank you table with chocolates in the boxes 
Sign in book
All the kids the night before at the open house
Kelsi and her brothers at the temple (minus Cameron)
Well the Keslers put on one heck of  a wedding.  I am sure the best Blackfoot has ever seen ;). Then they ended the night with a dance party... Kelsi & Caleb did a choreographed dance that was top notch.  They had amazing food thanks to Marve Lu's friend Loraine.  She did an amazing job with everything.  It was a great night.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jaymies Wedding

Jaymie got Married April 25th because it is not to hot not to cold all you need is a light sweater.  We all thought it was ironic after all her pageants she would pick that day off Miss Congeniality...   Classic really!!!
Me Trista & Jaymie outside the temple, We Love shoes
I thought this picture was cool, I love the way she set it up
Jaymies bouquet was AMAZING the rose shop did it. Who doesnt like rhinestones & feathers
They are so cute , even laying down ;)
Jaymies cake is Fabulous Desi Richards Made it, those flowers are sugar & made by hand!
This is a little glimpse of the amazing cake table my mom made it was so cute, when i get a better pic. i will post it
Jaymies first dance was to "time of my life" from Dirty Dancing.  They had it all choreographed it was so cute, every one LOVED  it!!
Classic Harmony picture, their rings
After the 1st dance, me & Brett, Brad & Trista, joined in then the girls danced to Big Butts with our dad... so funny, the Mica & Michan, joined (Marks sister) then all our kids joined right after this pic was taken.  I know my face is great! ( i am saying go grease lightning)
The all girls dance to dancing Queen!
My mom being the Dancing Queen!!
Mark & Jaymie leaving, then they climbed into the limo, bitter sweet :(

 Jaymies wedding was amazing, We had this amazing dinner before the reception, then a dance party.  It was so fun, and everything was picture perfect.  My mom is so amazing, she should be a wedding planner, it was the best wedding i have ever seen.

Jaymie had Lindsey Jane Photography from Ut. take her pictures.  They do such a great job, they have allot of photographers that work for them.  Harmony took Jaymies pics  She does an amazing job.  If you like photography, check out her blog.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hot Glue

I never knew what you can do with Hot glue.  My sewing machine broke and I needed to make a orphan costume for my little girls singing group, so I used the Hot Glue Gun!
Maycee in her costume, I bought the dress at D.I. $3.oo
Maycees Dress, apron, & legging (that all ready had the hole ;)
Pypers Dress (maycees cousin) I call it orphan chic 
I think they will be so cute in their little costumes.  The concert is Sat. 5 p.m. @ the high school auditorium.  They are singing a hard knock life.  Maycee is also singing with her dad and 5 other little girls. (the song with daddy warbucks and annie) Not someting any family member will want to miss ;) The theme for the Tavaci concert is all for one, the kids sing 5 or so songs.  Maycee, Bostin, & Pyper all do it together, I am excited the christmas concert was priceless.  And I am sure this one will compare. I will post pics after it. 

Nice View?

So one great thing about being in the country is the beautiful view, but we also value the lives of our small children.  So when they filled the canal this spring I told Brett it is time for a fence.  Of course I want a nice black metal fence, and he wants no fence.  So the compromise was a fence that we will take down in a few years.  I know, its ugly but what do you do.
Brett doing up the wire hooks

Wow he can work a shovel ;)
I know I can hold a post like no one else... ha ha 

Mission accomplished, now no children will fall in the canal... Yeah. Even if we have to look at it for the next SEVERAL years :) A fun Monday night activity