Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hot Glue

I never knew what you can do with Hot glue.  My sewing machine broke and I needed to make a orphan costume for my little girls singing group, so I used the Hot Glue Gun!
Maycee in her costume, I bought the dress at D.I. $3.oo
Maycees Dress, apron, & legging (that all ready had the hole ;)
Pypers Dress (maycees cousin) I call it orphan chic 
I think they will be so cute in their little costumes.  The concert is Sat. 5 p.m. @ the high school auditorium.  They are singing a hard knock life.  Maycee is also singing with her dad and 5 other little girls. (the song with daddy warbucks and annie) Not someting any family member will want to miss ;) The theme for the Tavaci concert is all for one, the kids sing 5 or so songs.  Maycee, Bostin, & Pyper all do it together, I am excited the christmas concert was priceless.  And I am sure this one will compare. I will post pics after it. 


Erin said...

Very cute. I would have no idea where to begin to make an outfit/costume. I can't sew but I will have to try the glue gun one of these days.

Nicole said...

Nice work! You are so creative. Mayc looks cute like always! Wish I could see the kids perform!!! Hope your little surgery went well! :)

Lanette said...

The costume turned out fabulous! Good work--props to you for using the glue gun...resourceful! Love it!