Monday, April 27, 2009

Final 4 & Easter

So Brett got the chance of a life time and went to the final 4.  Pinnacle sponsors ISU & they gave them the tickets.. So nice of them :)

There were lots of Famous people at the games.  They also saw the Pussy Cat Dolls, every wives dream... And Fergi not to mention allot of sports people I dont care about :) So I wont bore you with them ;) But I do know that is Magic Johnson & Larry Bird 33 

Easter was a blast.. Ripken was so cute, he had 13 jelly beans in his mouth when we made him spit them out... Sooo funny
Then we had an Easter egg hunt it was so fun, and sunny as you can tell :) The kids have the cutes Easter outfits that they also wore to Jaymies wedding this weekend.  But on Easter I had just had a surgery for a little hernia and I didn't get photos because I wasn't thinking right with all the drugs :) But I will post pictures of Jaymies wedding and it will be a repeat of Easter Soon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Beginnings

So this week was our New Beginnings for Young women's.  It is where we welcome in the girls who are turning 12, & will be moving up to the Young Women's organization in our church.  Our there was follow in his footsteps.  What girl doesn't relate to shoes!!
I was in charge of the treat so I printed off all these pictures of shoes and glued them to toothpicks.  Then stuck them in the cupcakes.  They turned out amazing ;)

We have 7 girls in our area, we love having a small group 
These are our 2 new girls, now we have more girls than leaders!
Wendi, was in charge & she all ways goes the extra mile to make things just right.

I love being involved in our young women's.  Our young women are amazing girls, I think they teach me more than I teach them :)  We got the idea for the night from sugar doodle, it is such a great site!  Of course we did it our way!! It turned out so nice, every one was touched by the spirit of the night.