Friday, December 9, 2011

Kesler music video

Another Fun family music video! Click HERE to watch, even the crazy target lady makes an appearance! Merry Christmas!!!!! Love the Keslers

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camden 6 months

Camden Is 6 Months
He is such a happy baby and we are so greatfull for him in our family. His brothers and sisters fight over who gets to hold him every mourning when he wakes up. He has a smile that will light up any room. He just started eating rice cereal & it only took 2 weeks to like it. He still shivers sometimes. Some of the sounds he makes are Mama, dada, nana, bah bah. He loves to play peekaboo with his blanket and can clap! he is getting sooooo BIG ;(

Happy Anniversary 11 years strong :)

50 (plus a few) Reason I love Brett Wray Kesler <3

I love your smile

The way you can calm me down when I am upset

Your dimple in your chin

Your positive attitude

Your smiling eyes

The excitement in your face the day we brought our children in the world

Your tiny ears

How you serenade me in the car

Your freckles

Your singing on the lawn mower

How sexy you are

How you make me laugh

What a hard worker you are to provide for our family

How spiritual you are

How our grass looks like a baseball field

How you make me better every day

You are handy Daddy & can fix anything

The way you kiss me

How I feel when you hold me

You support me in all the things I do

You don’t mind just sitting on the couch with me

You watch bachelor with me

You are my best friend

I can be me around you

You love my ponytails

Sometimes you let me hold the remote

You are an amazing father

How you listen to Maycee’s stories at night

How Goofy you are

How you don’t take your self to seriously

How I know you will always take care of us

How you act like you love all the food I make for you ;)

How you listen to me talk about my day, because you know I need to talk to an adult

How you act like you care

You make me feel important

I love that you are the perfect Height for me

What am AMAZING lover you are

How you will always be my “Big Daddy”

I love that you love my family

I love that you don’t care when I wear 4 in. heels and am as tall as you

I love that you except all my fashion trend, I like to try

I love seeing your face every mourning

I love that you love the outdoors

I love how you play sports with our boys

I love how you sit through dance competitions and cheer the loudest

I love how talented at sports you are, & watching you play ;)

I love snuggling in bed with you

You always know just what to say to cheer me up

You help me keep life in the right perspective

I love that I get to be with you for eternity

I love that you do what I ask you to, even if I have to ask 5 times

I love how I feel when you wrap your arms around me

I love you energy for life

How Hot you are!

I love that Bostin has your love for life, even when he wars me out!

I love how you make our lawn the best in the neighborhood

Your are the love of my life and I thank my heavenly father every day he lead me to you!

<3 xoxoxoxoxoxo

Happy 11th Anniversary!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A special Fast 4 Jaymie

To Family & Friends,

So my little sister Jaymie has not had the easiest road in life, when it comes to her health.From losing her site in one eye, to ticks, to mysterious pain and agony. ( I am not going to expound upon that any further… if I wrote all her illnesses we would be here for an hr.) But this coming week and the next few weeks my loving mother is taking Jaymie to the MAYO Clinic in Arizona. This is her last shot to find out what is wrong with her. So please join me and my family in a special fast this Sunday for Jaymie & the doctors so that they will be able to help Jaymie and find out how to make her life better, and easier for her to endure. I know not everyone is religious or spiritual but what ever you believe in or call upon lets all join together to help my little sister I love sooooo much! Thank you for all your support and prayers!!

Xoxoxoxxoxo Thanks Misty

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Years Baby

On 1/1/11 Camden Dee Kesler came into the word weighing 8 pd 1 oz & was 22 in. He was the new years baby for our hospital so we got a lot of free stuff. Not bad for 3 hrs of labor and 3 short pushes. Not to mention all natural!
Camden 1 week old
What a great big sister
All the gifts brought to the hospital
All the cool stuff we got! Thanks Mt. View
Got to love free stuff
Brotherly love
It is such a special experience to share with your husband. To bring a child into the world. I love the look on Bretts face.
So Cute

New Years Eve

That night we went to a super fun party @ Brad & Trista's house. Yeah for the last day I would ever be pregnant!

Baseball stadium map
Well the day started off with breakfast in bed for the birthday boy. Then opening presents & dinner with his family & mine at stockmans. Then on to our new years party. Even the kids stayed up till midnight.


Christmas this year was super fun. All my family came to my house. Got to love prego sympathy!
Boss loved his remote control car
Maycee loved her teacup piggies and Justin Beiber Doll
Just cant wait!
No one was left out!