Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Fun At Last

We are so excited that summer is finally here! We have missed the sun and the happiness that it brings to every one in our house. And with not feeling well it is great to be able to send the kids outside to play & get the months of energy built up out :)
While Brett has been out of town I have been staying with my mom. The kids have loved it and the slip & slide
Ripken loved his dippin stick too ;)
We took a trip to the zoo one mourning so it want to hot for me. And Aunt Katie, Austin, Kohen, & Jackson joined us and the Sponenburghs.
what pretty flamingos
what monkeys.... the kids too
We have been getting our water slide out (that has lated 3 summers now)

Yeah for the sun... It is about time

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Bostin is playing T-Ball this summer (if you can call all the bad weather summer) Bostin is very serious about his t-ball. He gets everyone out @ 1st and home. He doesnt know that they don't keep score :) My favorite is the fact that he likes to be 1st batter so he can get a double. He doesn't like that you can only run to 1st base if he follows someone. Then my next favorite thing is the fact that he slides in to 2nd, 3rd & home. He is loving every second of it.

Dont worry Bostin got that little girl out. He even did the sign when the boy on 1st caught it :)

Maycee's end of the year recital

First I would just like to thank my family (Mom, Dad, Mark, Jaymie, & the Sponenburghs) Bretts parents (Kelly & MarvaLu) our neighbors the McWhorters for all going to her end of the year recital. I was unable to go due to the fact I couldn't get out of bed :) Brett took a lot of great pictures though, so I thought I would highlight some of the cute faces Maycee makes while dancing ;)

She is so cute on the floor, she eats up the attention & performs so well. (Maycee, you have grown so much this year we are really proud of you & your fearlessness. sorry I missed it xoxo Love Mom)

Stone Soup Play

Maycees teacher Mrs. Ricks is the best 1st grade teacher ever, and put on this really cute play called stone soup. Some how Maycee got the role of the funny grandma who as my mom says is the star of the show. :)
Maycee's bigest fans!
Grandma sewing
They are running around hiding their food from the soldiers
Maycees pioneer costume. She has a shale & cain to make her look more like a grandma but Maycee has her own ideas about how she wanted to look! She is a funny girl.
Her play was on my birthday!

Mayceees line was soup from a stone fancy that in a grandma voice & she said it about every 2 or so min. She did an amazing job and we were so proud of her.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sick in Bed, and sick of bed

Life has been pretty interesting at our house lately. It has been full of needle poking and I.V. giving. Super fun but most of you also know what that means we are going to have another baby! (Mark my words it also will be the LAST)

4 is just the right number plus I can not do this again. I have lost 12 pounds and get sick 12 to 20 times a day. I know a dream come true but such is life for me :) I get a new I.V. site every monday then flush it 3 times a day so I can give my self another I.V. full of fluid on thursday. I also have a medicine pump that I wear and have to move every day. So every day get poked in a new spot, Brett is really gentle with it though. The 1st time I though he was going to pass out but 2 weeks later and he is a pro. I still don't let him watch me remove my I.V. though :)

(Thanks for all the comments and support I am due Jan. 1st 2011 Maybe I will have the new year baby! And yes I have got this sick with the last two babies so I have no more doubt what is to come ;) No more maybe this time it will be different)

May 19th my 30th b-day

So on May 19th I turned the Big 30, & My husband threw me a big surprise party! He is so cute he ordered Cafe Rio, invited all our neighborhood friends , even got my mom to decorate the tables.

He even got a tent because it had been raining & was freezing but awesome in the tent!
All my gifts from the day! What a ahll & yes I now have a set of Le creuset pans!!! YEAH!

All in all it was the Best Birthday ever! Thanks Brett Love you!

What a play house

My husband is super handy! The kids call him handy daddy (like handy manny) But I thought Maybe this was to much for even handy daddy!

But in the end nothing is too tough for handy daddy, it only took 2 days and he finished it. Just in time for my Birthday! And even through the rain ,there has not been a day it has gone un-used. Thanks babe ;)

1st grade school trip to the zoo :)

Maycee had a school trip to the Zoo!
Lions tigers & bears
The snow leopard is out wow
A new baby zeebra

Maycee & her girl friends

Me, Brett, Bostin, & Ripken all went with Maycee on her end of the year trip to the zoo! It was really fun. There were alot of animals out that I had never seen before. Maybe because it was freezing ;)

YM YW Graduation Party

This year we did a graduation party for the 5 graduating sr.s We had a potatoe bar & made a slide show of pic of the sr.'s lives so far. Then their parents read them letters they had written to them.

Lagoon Nationals

Maycee had her last competition this year for dance @ Lagoon. It was a really nice day & the girls even took grand champion! Their cars # was super cute!

Tinker Bells gift of a friend

It was a really great day! The kids were all brave and rode colossus, & the white roller-coaster. They also loved kids land which was great because that was all rip & I could go on!

mothers day & girls weekend

Mother's day was great as always, Maycee made me a cute frame and pic with a poem from school. Before I opened it she said i think you might cry, she knows me all to well. Rip made a cute card with a picture at school as well then Brett helped them spoil me with slippers, clothes & money for the girls weekend!

This year after mothers day, we had a girls weekend! It was super fun. We ate we shopped what more can you ask for. Ow yeah & great company!
Our last meal together (because that is when I remembered I had a camera)
Shopping and trying to stay dry!

Thanks ladies it was so fun & just what I needed before all my being stuck in my house sick! ;(