Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Parents Photo Faves

Parents Photo Faves

Cute Ripken!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Baby is Famous

So I know every parent think their baby is the cutest baby ever BUT I took it one step farther. I entered Ripkens picture in to the regis and kelly beautiful baby contest. I know that it is a long shot but they had his picture on twice, I entered the 1st one and my sister Trista entered the second. She actually think he is cuter than I do! ;)

This second picture was taken by my friend christie who does the cutes simple finds blog has a simple me boutique & is starting simple photography. She is so multi talented I don't know how she fits it all in. Amazing! But she was working with a cute subject!

Any who, the only reason I mention this now is if you want to go to regis and kelly and click on the letter R then page 129 & 130 Rips picture is on there. You never know maybe he will be selected as a top ten winner! Who knew there could be over 100 pages just in the R's. I think a lot of people have cute babies. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brett's 31st Birthday

I dont know what happened but when Brett turned 30, a switch flipped and he is now in love with hunting so we had a hunting birthday. You know when you want decoys you have crossed some sort of line!

New Years Eve/B-Day Party
Some of Brett's fam joined us for dinner
Decoys, white camo, & big buck hunter
The Day after's big hunt, It looks like a great day for every one but the geese. Rip says shhh mommy they are sleeping. They Wish!!!


This years Christmas started off @ the Kesler's. We did the nativity, had dinner, & exchanged gifts. Then we went home and had our first christmas by ourselves. It was so fun to have Christmas @ our own home!
All the Kesler's (minus a few)
Grandma & Grandpa's Christmas story!
Then we did the nativity
What a cute Lamb
Maycee was the angel & she had her lines memorized perfect. Bostin was an innkeeper and wise man. The show was a huge success :)

Yeah Santa came!
Rip loved his Thomas that goes on its own & robot
Our family got a piano
Bostin can officially spy, with his spy kit
Maycee loved her violin! She can play twinkle twinkle little star! She also loves her Zuzu pets

The kids are all at such fun ages. This was defiantly a very memorable Christmas, even with out a kitten :)


This year Pinnacle took us to Hawaii. We stayed @ the Grand Wailea, it is the most beautiful resort! I love the spa there with the 8 different showers, 6 different aroma pools, and many other hot and cold pools. It is heaven on earth, especially when it is for FREE!!
Thanks Pinnacle Security!
The worst part of the trip is the long flight!! Brett and his teddy don't mind ;)
But the view is SO worth it!
They have an adult pool, water elevator, water slides, lazy river. It is bliss
Lets not forget the Food! We love creme brullee
Tennis in December
It was so pretty, and even better Brett & I beat Brad & Trista!
I love the sun!
Nice coconuts
Yes @ the Luau Pasha from So You Think You Can Dance and we also saw David Spade
A Night out!
I love taking vacations with my husband. It should be a rule for every married couple to take a vacation kids free once a year. It just doesn't get any better!

Nov- Dec fun

A few pre-Christmas pics
Decorating the tree
A reward for getting it done. Can you say giant home made oreo!
Mackay turned 8 and was baptized, we are sooo proud of him!
Our new Christmas tree that fit the room just right ;)
This was an FHE where we wrapped a bunch of secret santa gifts
Delivering gifts
On the way there the kids were so excited but they also very tired
Santas little helpers
Nani & Grandpa getting ready to door bell ditch!
I love the Christmas season. I love giving back because we are so blessed. I love the glow in the kids eyes. I love using Mr. Peeps to get a whole month of not fighting. But most of all I am thankful for the Savior and the fact that he gave more than any of us could ever think of giving, Just for Me!


This year for Thanksgiving we went to Boise. It is half way between w
Walla Walla and us so we met Jaymie & Mark in the middle. It actually was really fun & I loved not having to clean up!!!!!

I think eating out should be a new tradition, not to mention is is a lot warmer there. No wonder our friends the Kennedys want to move there. The weekend we were there they moved into there new house. It is beautiful. We will miss them a lot!

Boys Weekend

This year the Kesler's started the 1st of hopefully many more boys weekends in Island Park. The guys took the 4 wheelers and sleds up to the cabin. It was hard picking pictures to post. The guys let the kids take a bunch of pictures so there were a lot to choose from :) They stayed for 2 days and I am sure there was a lot of farting, eating and laughing! Hopefully not in that order;)

While they boys had there fun Cami and her girls came to stay with us! It was so fun to have them. Maycee misses Savanah when she isn't around maycee has no girl friends her age:( Us girls didn't even miss the boys. We did craft projects, Zumba, and laughed a lot our selves :)

Viva Las Vegas

After all my hard work with the pageant, I earned a weekend of fun, so Brett & I went away with our friends the Ashtons & the Hoopes. It was sooo Fun.
Is that the biggest slot machine ever? (& no I didn't play)
Joel & Michelle Ashton
We did a lot of shopping, Vegas shopping is like amazing compared to the selection we have a home!

We also went to La Rev & LOVE. They were amazing.
All in all it was a perfect get away. I love being able to just get away for the weekend. You feel revived!
(thanks Trista)

Miss HHS

Another well put together program by my Mom. The theme was tonights going to be a Fabulous night. Mixing Fabulous & the song from the black eyed peas. The decor was amazing & the girls were super talented. And most of all I am glad it is over. :) Here are a few pics.

The 4 winners
Me , Mom & Jaymie. Those tu tu's fit just right

I love the shocked faces caught on camera, CLASSIC!

I love being able to come back to my old stomping grounds and lend a hand. After all it is the best high school ever ;)