Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brett's 31st Birthday

I dont know what happened but when Brett turned 30, a switch flipped and he is now in love with hunting so we had a hunting birthday. You know when you want decoys you have crossed some sort of line!

New Years Eve/B-Day Party
Some of Brett's fam joined us for dinner
Decoys, white camo, & big buck hunter
The Day after's big hunt, It looks like a great day for every one but the geese. Rip says shhh mommy they are sleeping. They Wish!!!


a-hyde said...

I love all the new posts. Looks like you've had LOTS of fun!!!

Stace said...

You guys look like you've been busy and having fun! The kids are as cute as ever.

Misty Kesler said...

Hey stace, after you left me a comment I tried to get on your but it wouldn't let me.