Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This years Christmas started off @ the Kesler's. We did the nativity, had dinner, & exchanged gifts. Then we went home and had our first christmas by ourselves. It was so fun to have Christmas @ our own home!
All the Kesler's (minus a few)
Grandma & Grandpa's Christmas story!
Then we did the nativity
What a cute Lamb
Maycee was the angel & she had her lines memorized perfect. Bostin was an innkeeper and wise man. The show was a huge success :)

Yeah Santa came!
Rip loved his Thomas that goes on its own & robot
Our family got a piano
Bostin can officially spy, with his spy kit
Maycee loved her violin! She can play twinkle twinkle little star! She also loves her Zuzu pets

The kids are all at such fun ages. This was defiantly a very memorable Christmas, even with out a kitten :)

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