Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Baby is Famous

So I know every parent think their baby is the cutest baby ever BUT I took it one step farther. I entered Ripkens picture in to the regis and kelly beautiful baby contest. I know that it is a long shot but they had his picture on twice, I entered the 1st one and my sister Trista entered the second. She actually think he is cuter than I do! ;)

This second picture was taken by my friend christie who does the cutes simple finds blog has a simple me boutique & is starting simple photography. She is so multi talented I don't know how she fits it all in. Amazing! But she was working with a cute subject!

Any who, the only reason I mention this now is if you want to go to regis and kelly and click on the letter R then page 129 & 130 Rips picture is on there. You never know maybe he will be selected as a top ten winner! Who knew there could be over 100 pages just in the R's. I think a lot of people have cute babies. :)

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