Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This year Pinnacle took us to Hawaii. We stayed @ the Grand Wailea, it is the most beautiful resort! I love the spa there with the 8 different showers, 6 different aroma pools, and many other hot and cold pools. It is heaven on earth, especially when it is for FREE!!
Thanks Pinnacle Security!
The worst part of the trip is the long flight!! Brett and his teddy don't mind ;)
But the view is SO worth it!
They have an adult pool, water elevator, water slides, lazy river. It is bliss
Lets not forget the Food! We love creme brullee
Tennis in December
It was so pretty, and even better Brett & I beat Brad & Trista!
I love the sun!
Nice coconuts
Yes @ the Luau Pasha from So You Think You Can Dance and we also saw David Spade
A Night out!
I love taking vacations with my husband. It should be a rule for every married couple to take a vacation kids free once a year. It just doesn't get any better!


Christie said...

You guys are a bunch of hotties;) I heard about the tennis matches between you 2 and Brad and Trista! HAHA I can't wait to take Brad on in Cancun!!

Christie said...

Oh. PS. You might not want to sit by me on the beach cuz, "I'm not gonna lie, I look pretty dang good!" haha jk