Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Aunt Mickey

Bonnie (Pentelute) Horne
HORNE, Bonnie (Pentelute) Beloved wife of John Gerald Horne, passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family and friends on January 21, after a decade-long courageous battle with cancer at age 70. Bonnie's struggle against her illness was an inspiration to all who knew her. She will be remembered for her strength, wisdom and humor. In addition to her husband, she is survived by her children Michelle, Scott, Leslie, Allison and Tristan; her siblings Melanie, Barbie, David and Mark; and her 16 beautiful grandchildren. A memorial service will be held at noon Saturday January 24th at St. Paul's Church, 15 St. Paul St. Brookline (stpaulsbrookline.org) In lieu of flowers, Bonnie wished that donations be made in her memory to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.
I just wanted to say that I am so grateful that this summer Brett's work took us to Boston so I could see my aunt Bonnie who we all call Mickey( she also would all ways correct us that it is Aunt not ant :) ). She is an amazing and strong woman. She has a great sense of humor & reminds me the most of my father, who she helped raise. I always look forward to her once a year visit and she will be greatly missed. But she leaves behind a great legacy & I know some day I will be able to see her again in the afterlife. I know right now she is having a great reunion with her mother, father, & sister Sherry. And that she is now and will forever be looking down on us especially her children and grand children. She has been an amazing example to her family of courage and knowledge. Because of her our family knows we carry the cancer gen and are more prepared for prevention. Our family will all miss her xoxo. (I will load a pic when I find one)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brett's 30th B-Day!


Creme brulee
More ea

Green Pearl by Jack Nicklaus
10 person airplanes
Bora Bora

Over water hut!

White sand beach / hot hubby

If the Europeans can cant we?
Leaving on our boat taxi... Sad day
Swimming with sea rays
So for Bretts 30th Birthday I wanted to take him on a trip and the only thing I think is a vacation would be when Bretts phone is not ringing so i had to take him all the way to Tahiti to make that happen. ( I use the word had lightly) :) Can i just say 8 days of no calls it was like a glimpse of heaven.
So I will just tell the whole story. I planed this amazing trip with out Bretts knowledge & surprised him on Christmas day with the details. So on Dec. 28th we set off to Tahiti. After a long day of missed flights we arrived to Tahitti safe & sound. At the airport as you get off the plane they hand out flowers and have people performing. It was just a small sign of how amazing this place was. So that night we stayed at the intercontinental hotel. It was beautiful & sooo hot. Then after a morning by the pool we flew to Moreea a 10 min. flight on a very small plane. In Morea we stayed in a beach bungalow it was so beautiful. There we stayed for 3 days, golfed, relaxed, swam with the dolphins, & brought in the new year Tahitian style. Then we flew to Bora Bora (40 min flight) it was our fav. island. There we stayed at the tholossal Intercontinental, one of the nicest places I have ever been. We stayed in this amazing & huge over the water hut. What an experience. There we snorkeled with sharks, swam with sea rays, took advantage of the amazing spa, & fell in love with macaroons. They had the most amazing french food & it was a good thing they had a gym too. :) It was a trip of a life time. Brett & I had the most amazing time, not just because of where we were but it was amazing to get to just talk to each other for 8 days. But the second we got home it has been straight back to business. Brett is soo busy with pinnacle & I am co chair of junior miss & just started to teach ballroom again. But the break was nice and now we can make it through the rest of the crazy year. Hope you all had as happy new year as we did ;) .

Friday, January 9, 2009


The day after Christmas we spent in the snow
A little sledding
Bostin is a pro at driving the snowmobile

And mario cart was the fav. game
Bostin is so enthusiastic about all his gifts.. we love the cowboys
We even made my mom cry this year. and grandpa MacKay was there
Maycee got 3 dolls
Brett loved his I touch thanks sponenburghs
The girls loved pypers makeup... tooo much
way too much :)
Ripken was not into opening gifts ,he just wanted candy :0 that's my boyIt was a really fun Christmas. It is so hard to pack all our stuff to our parents house so this will be the last year. But it was a fun last big Christmas. ( Thanks mom and dad you are the best! You all ways go the extra mile to make Christmas so special xo )


Kesler Family Thanksgiving
So for thanksgiving we had an ugly sweater contest it was great! But the food was way better :)

Friday, January 2, 2009


Heaven on earth
Bora Bora

us leaving bora bora


When we arrived
So for Brett's 30th B-Day I surprised him with a trip to Tahiti, Moorea, & Bora Bora. It is amazing here even better than I thought! Magical. Talk to you all soon