Monday, November 9, 2009


Brett is a huge Cowboys fan. He and some of neighbors decided to go to the Seahawks Cowboys game. Nov. 1st.
Brads Dad Bill, Brad, Brett, & Joel
There were allot of pics of her so I figure we should post her :) I wish I looked as good as her in my cheer outfit ;)
They got to go on a tour of the stadium
Bretts idea of Heaven on earth
You can just tell they are happy as school boys, even though I am sure they are sad they missed Halloween. I know we missed them. But I will take one for the team.

Bretts a hunter?

I don't know why but suddenly Brett is a hunter. This fall he decided to get one more hobby. He added hunting to the very long list. He shot his first Deer. Then Pinnacle took them on a trip to a hunting ranch in Texas.
Brett & Gator with their rams
Yeah this is how I feel about Brett starting to hunt! But posting this picture makes me feel a little better about it ( I actually am laughing out loud right now )
At this ranch they have these African animals called Oryx

Brett thinks that he is going to bring these animals in to our home. I told him it is them or you. I think he is still debating ;). I hate the way they stare at you it is creepy. I know I should be more understanding but I have put the foot down, sorry its not coming up. :)


The kids are at such fun ages for halloween, they get so excited about every thing.
This is us dressing up for the Fall school carnival that Trista was in charge of so of course we had to go. Mind you Maycee got the swine flu 2 days later :( She is all right now
Rip loves lightning McQueen.
I dont have the pictures yet of Halloween. We went to my parents because Brett & Brad were out of town. When I get more I will post them.

Maycee Turns 7

Wow how did it happen I can believe Maycee is 7! Where has the time gone
Mackay & Pyper spent the night to help Maycee celebrate :)
Maycee Got a DSI she was so excited
For Maycees Birthday we had our families over for cake and ice cream, then Maycee had a friend party. They went to the beauty school, It is so cute they did their hair , and nails then they have them walk the runway. They worked that runway, it was so cute to watch. She said it was the best birthday ever! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow on Oct. 5th

It is the beginning of Oct & we made our 1st snow man! WOW!
All ready for ..... Snow. Unbelievable. Don't worry about Rips pink gloves, it is Oct. we are'nt ready for snow. :)
Sep 26th we had Junior Miss state. Our Junior Miss did SOO great! She made the top ten & won talent. She is an amazing piano player, & represented us so well. :)

Holy Cow!!!!

So the Sponenburgs , Brett, & I are sitting at the table enjoying dinner together as we like to do a few times a week, and suddenly we hear. CRASH, BOOM, BANG, & CRASH again.
This is what we found.
My wall of black & leopard drapes are on the ground. Then we see Pyper side stepping away like she had no part in it. Then as I walk in the room Maycee is stuck in the drapes twirled up. Frozen in fear. They were so lucky that the rod didn't hit them .
The culprits watching
I love how handy my husband is. I love that when the drapes fall I don't have to wait for the people to fix it. Brett & Brad jumped right on it :)
Mission accomplished.

The only good part of this experience is how cute my son Ripken is. He was sitting in his high chair still eating and had a perfect view of the accident. He just kept repeating over and over, HOLY COW HOLY COW, Maycee & Pyper & HOLY COW! Even now as I write this post he climbed on my lap and pointed and said it again. He is too cute . I love 2 yrs. old,

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rips B-Day

Ripken turned 2 & all of our neighborhood friends came to celebrate
We had to light the candles 3 times during the song, he loves blowing out the candles.
He loves everyone undivided attention
Silly string fight!
Everyone got in on the action
Ripken got a "Bouncy Castle" as he calls it
Rip loves Lightning Mcqueen, especially the one who has his tongue out!

The set up for the mourning, Trista helped me move all the furniture out of the from room so he would se the jumper when he walked out.
We have a HUGE collection of cars, I might be a little obsessed!

Rip had an awesome birthday, with friends & family. The night before his birthday I laid him down and said guess what tomorrow is? He yelled MY BIRTHDAY, I think his sister and brother prepped him but it was so cute. Thanks to all who helped make his B-Day super special.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st day of school

1st Grade with Mrs. Ricks
Maycee & her cousin Pyper have matching outfits, you have to love hello Kitty
Maycee is such a beautiful and sweet girl. She also lost her 3rd tooth just last night (thanks to a lot of help from Aunt Trista)
Maycees little bros love her so much and have been so sad all day with out her around... Ripken really wants a backpack :)
All our neighborhood friends, the Kennedys, Eriksons, Mcwhorters, & Dixons
1st day of school 1st day of school... welcome back early morning and being a taxi... Get ready for a year of fun!!! Bostin starts pre school in 2 weeks.

Bear Lake

So we had another amazing reunion at Bear Lake! I love it there. My Mom has gone there since she was a little girl and now it has a big spot in my heat as well . We did all the usual, boating, mini golf, playground, video scavenger hunt, Jeopardy, dingelballs, corn hole, tennis, wacky 6, story time, diving off the diving board, & croquette .
Rip looking all studly
Speedo Day need I say more ;)
Me getting some air :)
Story time with nani, every night mom and dad would tell the kids stories from their youth the kids loved it
Grandpa and Ripken are best buds
Mini golf... It is the same course as when I was growing up. Needless to say I got 2.. hole in ones
Pickelville play house on mine and Bretts 9 yr. anniversary. It was a hot night...
Me and Jaymie... We were so happy her and Mark could come for some of the week
The kids and Nani found a butterfly while us big kids were playing tennis, Brett and I won... !
Ow the Mt.Dew that was consumed all week.

I think Bear Lake is my Fav. week of the summer. I love all the fun family memories we are making. Thanks Mom & Dad we love it!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kesler Reunion 2009

In Early July we had another fun & kid filled Kesler family reunion . It is so pretty in island park I can see why they all love it there.
Every mourning it is foggy because it is so freaking cold there even the water is warmer than the air. When the boys take their early mourning ski run.
I know Hot right ;) It is so similar to how I really look .LOL
Every one in the family is in charge of an activity. Cameron and Camille did a luau
Bostin is such a joy these days

As you can tell I only had camera battery for one day so the rest is to be continued. But after a week, 18 grand kids 6 & under, and 15 adults we made it and it was fabulous!!