Friday, October 9, 2009

Rips B-Day

Ripken turned 2 & all of our neighborhood friends came to celebrate
We had to light the candles 3 times during the song, he loves blowing out the candles.
He loves everyone undivided attention
Silly string fight!
Everyone got in on the action
Ripken got a "Bouncy Castle" as he calls it
Rip loves Lightning Mcqueen, especially the one who has his tongue out!

The set up for the mourning, Trista helped me move all the furniture out of the from room so he would se the jumper when he walked out.
We have a HUGE collection of cars, I might be a little obsessed!

Rip had an awesome birthday, with friends & family. The night before his birthday I laid him down and said guess what tomorrow is? He yelled MY BIRTHDAY, I think his sister and brother prepped him but it was so cute. Thanks to all who helped make his B-Day super special.

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Jaymie said...

o my gosh that made me CRY. right now.. im sitting here on my couch with tears runnin.... i wish i could have been there! That jumpy castle looks SO fun and your cars table was fabulous.. thats my sister! xoxoxo