Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow on Oct. 5th

It is the beginning of Oct & we made our 1st snow man! WOW!
All ready for ..... Snow. Unbelievable. Don't worry about Rips pink gloves, it is Oct. we are'nt ready for snow. :)
Sep 26th we had Junior Miss state. Our Junior Miss did SOO great! She made the top ten & won talent. She is an amazing piano player, & represented us so well. :)


Jaymie said...

i LOVE rip's face in the picture with all of them and the snowman.. it made me laugh out loud.. he's such a cutie! i miss you :( I'll stop leaving comments now! thanks for updating your blog.. i feel better about life now that i got my dose of kesler family!

jessica said...

Snow?! Yuck. You guys didn't even get to have a spring and now not a fall? Hope the weather gets better!