Saturday, October 10, 2009

Holy Cow!!!!

So the Sponenburgs , Brett, & I are sitting at the table enjoying dinner together as we like to do a few times a week, and suddenly we hear. CRASH, BOOM, BANG, & CRASH again.
This is what we found.
My wall of black & leopard drapes are on the ground. Then we see Pyper side stepping away like she had no part in it. Then as I walk in the room Maycee is stuck in the drapes twirled up. Frozen in fear. They were so lucky that the rod didn't hit them .
The culprits watching
I love how handy my husband is. I love that when the drapes fall I don't have to wait for the people to fix it. Brett & Brad jumped right on it :)
Mission accomplished.

The only good part of this experience is how cute my son Ripken is. He was sitting in his high chair still eating and had a perfect view of the accident. He just kept repeating over and over, HOLY COW HOLY COW, Maycee & Pyper & HOLY COW! Even now as I write this post he climbed on my lap and pointed and said it again. He is too cute . I love 2 yrs. old,

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Jaymie said...

HOLY COW! first, that sucks about your drapes.. second, go brett and brad! handy mannys! third, holy maycee and pyper.. gosh thats the second time something like that happened.. remember the clock at moms house? fourth.. i really wish i could have been there for that. o and fifth, your haloween decorations on your stairs look cute:)