Monday, October 27, 2008

1st runner up... not bad!

This is the miss teen from last year she made it to the top 5 @ miss teen USA!

It was confusing there was another Jaymie in the pageant and she got 2nd runner up (she has on the white dress and red hair), you hear that name and wait for the last name... Funny. Jaymie did such a great job and got 1st runner up! Our Jaymie that is :)

They have really cool Judges for this pageant Donald Trump is in charge so they had three people from the apprentice. Alex, Kendra, & James. The others in the picture are Brad Trista hubby, Brett, & Mark Jaymie's boy toy ;)

Brett with the people from apprentice

Brett and I loving being done with the pageant :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Maycee is 6!

So Aunt Trista has amazing skills & made Maycee a Barbie cake!
Maycee got a new bike!  Her other one, made her look like a clown in the circus riding one of those tiny cars :)
She loves littlest pet shops, now she has a few!
Race for the candy..
Quinnley , maycees cousin whacking the Hannah Montana guitar
We had a great party thanks to all our family & the Ericksons who took their free time to help us celebrate.
PS. If any of you wouldnt mind go to and click on contestants and vote Jaymie Pentelute most photogenic. You have until friday at 5:45 p.m. thanks! Please tell everyone you know and if you feel real nice post it on you site:)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

1st Birthday Party

We had an amazing get together for Ripkens 1st birthday! We had it all Rip cakes (thanks Ashley), pin the tale on the donkey, a pinata, & to top it all off a silly string fight. What more could you ask for, thanks to all our family and friends for coming & letting us know how much you love us. Ripkin was so cute. He loved it all the presents, cake , & most of all all the kids.