Monday, October 27, 2008

1st runner up... not bad!

This is the miss teen from last year she made it to the top 5 @ miss teen USA!

It was confusing there was another Jaymie in the pageant and she got 2nd runner up (she has on the white dress and red hair), you hear that name and wait for the last name... Funny. Jaymie did such a great job and got 1st runner up! Our Jaymie that is :)

They have really cool Judges for this pageant Donald Trump is in charge so they had three people from the apprentice. Alex, Kendra, & James. The others in the picture are Brad Trista hubby, Brett, & Mark Jaymie's boy toy ;)

Brett with the people from apprentice

Brett and I loving being done with the pageant :)


JANEAL said...

Hey Misty I found your blog from Emily's and just wanted to say hi. Your kids are so adorable.

Emily said...

Hey misty! Jamie is beautiful! Your family is darling! You look amazing! Wheres your sis?

Anonymous said...

Misty, I got your blog off Amy's blog page, you guys look great. YOur kids are so cute!!


jessica said...

That's wierd, there's another jessica right above where my comment is going to be! Anyway, the pageant looked like fun and that picture of you and your hubby is DARLING!!