Friday, January 9, 2009


The day after Christmas we spent in the snow
A little sledding
Bostin is a pro at driving the snowmobile

And mario cart was the fav. game
Bostin is so enthusiastic about all his gifts.. we love the cowboys
We even made my mom cry this year. and grandpa MacKay was there
Maycee got 3 dolls
Brett loved his I touch thanks sponenburghs
The girls loved pypers makeup... tooo much
way too much :)
Ripken was not into opening gifts ,he just wanted candy :0 that's my boyIt was a really fun Christmas. It is so hard to pack all our stuff to our parents house so this will be the last year. But it was a fun last big Christmas. ( Thanks mom and dad you are the best! You all ways go the extra mile to make Christmas so special xo )


Shamae said...

Sounds and looks like a great Christmas!! We definitely got enough snow to enjoy some sledding!

Cami said...

looks like great holidays, we missed you all of course! luv cami
*luv all the pics, thanks for posting them!!

jessica said...

Misty! It was so fun to catch up on your blog- it looked like you had such a great Christmas. So for Brett's birthday you got him: no, not cologne, or a shirt, but a trip to Tahiti?! Wow, it sounds like an absolute BLAST. How long were you there for? Did you fly or cruise? Way to go girl!