Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stone Soup Play

Maycees teacher Mrs. Ricks is the best 1st grade teacher ever, and put on this really cute play called stone soup. Some how Maycee got the role of the funny grandma who as my mom says is the star of the show. :)
Maycee's bigest fans!
Grandma sewing
They are running around hiding their food from the soldiers
Maycees pioneer costume. She has a shale & cain to make her look more like a grandma but Maycee has her own ideas about how she wanted to look! She is a funny girl.
Her play was on my birthday!

Mayceees line was soup from a stone fancy that in a grandma voice & she said it about every 2 or so min. She did an amazing job and we were so proud of her.

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Kelsi Fullmer said...

hahah! love that girl. She is growing up so fast. Tell her aunt Kelsi misses her!