Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nice View?

So one great thing about being in the country is the beautiful view, but we also value the lives of our small children.  So when they filled the canal this spring I told Brett it is time for a fence.  Of course I want a nice black metal fence, and he wants no fence.  So the compromise was a fence that we will take down in a few years.  I know, its ugly but what do you do.
Brett doing up the wire hooks

Wow he can work a shovel ;)
I know I can hold a post like no one else... ha ha 

Mission accomplished, now no children will fall in the canal... Yeah. Even if we have to look at it for the next SEVERAL years :) A fun Monday night activity


Anonymous said...

Yikes, that scares me too. We live close to a canal in town and I wish i could put up a fense.

Erin said...

Canal's scare me. Glad that you made it safe.

Amy said...

That is the EXACT fence I want Ben to put up by our canal! Ours isn't quite as big, but Jace did wonder off this summer and it was the first place I looked. Scared me to DEATH!