Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kelsi's Wedding

Little Girls Loves Brides!!! I think it just natural we want to be a beautiful Bride & our Little sister Kelsi was.  Kelsi  & Caleb Fullmer got married this Sat.  Caleb is a great guy who loves Kelsi so much and we are excited to have him in the family. (even though I don't have one picture of him :)

Maycee with Kelsi
The food table (I took the pic before food was on it... oops)
The cake Desi did her cake too. The orange flowers are sugar.
The amazing gym transformation
The thank you table with chocolates in the boxes 
Sign in book
All the kids the night before at the open house
Kelsi and her brothers at the temple (minus Cameron)
Well the Keslers put on one heck of  a wedding.  I am sure the best Blackfoot has ever seen ;). Then they ended the night with a dance party... Kelsi & Caleb did a choreographed dance that was top notch.  They had amazing food thanks to Marve Lu's friend Loraine.  She did an amazing job with everything.  It was a great night.


KESLER KREW...Cami said...

mist-i have been checkin to see if you would post some pics! thanks a million, they were super cute...sure missed being there!!! luv cami

Joel and Mic said...

Such a beautiful bride! I love all the pics, jaymie's too. I wish I had half of those pics of my wedding... They are all so pretty!

Chappell Family said...

WHAT!!!???!!!! Sounds like I need to be a better friend! Hope to see you soon!! ;)

Kelsi Fullmer said...

Add me to your blog sista! I love you and miss you and where have you been!? Love the post by the way :)