Tuesday, June 16, 2009

End of The Year

Kindergarten Graduation
Maycee is officially on to 1st grade!
All Maycees friends from our ward
Maycee & the principal 

Ballet Recital
Maycee & friends from our ward
Of course Nani & Grandpa were there!!
Mace loves to dance
She is so Pretty
Daddy was in the tavaci concert this year in a Annie number
Bostin really gets in to his singing
Its a hard nock life... When you are 6

This May has been so busy & I am way behind so maybe this will help show what we have been up to. Busy Busy Busy!


Erin said...

Yeah. Congratulations Maycee. Second grade now. Woo Hoo

Shamae said...

Cute pics! So she is going from Kindergarten to second grade? Is she skipping first? Maybe I missed that post. I will have to go back and look. Either way, congrats!!

Stace said...

Great pictures! Maycee (and her mommy!) are both so beautiful! Have a great summer. :)

Joel and Mic said...

Such an eventful month of May! Cute pics!

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

congrats miss maycee!!! vannah starts dance in august and she is counting down, she luved maycee's costume. counting down to cabin week, it will be fun to see you guys & we are going to come back in august when the boys go on thier hike! you look fab by the way mist...saw kelsi's wedding pics...super skinny & cuteness (what's new though, right!). luv it

Jaymie said...

look at all the fun events im missing out on :( i HATE PINNACLE.. next summer.. im taking a sebatacle from marriage and just living in your basement.. is that okay? okay.. just giving you time to prepare!

jessica said...

The cutest age!! Kindergarten graduation, dance recitals, just darling. She is quite the little beauty just like her momma!