Friday, August 20, 2010

Painting Project

So when Brett is away I dont know why but it inspires me to do projects.... not cleaning or any crazy thing like that . Painting projects. My parents took the kids camping so I had the evening to my self so I invited over my sisters & we got to work. Maycee has cute flower bedding with zebra sheets. But this will just finish off the look.
Blank wall, to start with
Jaymie & I putting on the 2nd coat
Jaymie has serious painting skills... even though it is on her face :)
Finished project

Notice the Zebra sheets & zebra on the vanity
Maycee had this vanity so I revamped it with a little zebra ribbon to fit in

I love animal print & Maycee has inherited that trait. We saw a room with a zebra wall so I just started in the middle and free handed it. I think for not having a clue that it turned out awesome!


Kelsi Fullmer said...

Wow that looks amazing! Well done!

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

luv ALL the recent post and pics! the wall turned out super made me laugh "nothing crazy like clean"...looks like a fun project, can you do my room next??!! luv ya

Trevor and Rebecca said...

Hey Misty, I was blog hoppin and found your blog :) You crack me up.. what fun posts! And what a darling room.. you are very talented! Also I have to say you are the sweetest wife! You say the sweetest things about Brett.. he's a lucky man! Thanks for being on top of things and taking a pic of their softball team, that will be fun to have! See ya :)

The Borlands said...

Misty, you are so beautiful and talented. I was glad I got to see ya in Arkansas. I hope to make it out to Idaho to see that lovely sister of yours and you too of course :)

go mom go said...