Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st Day Of School

This year I have 3 kids in school. Every Tues.. and Thurs. I have a whole hr. to my self. It is weird how quiet the house seems. But that will all end in a few months any way :) Maycee started 2nd grade, & our neighbor is her teacher she is sooooo excited. Bostin is in P.M. Kindergarden with the same teacher Maycee had (hopeful she will not compare them) Then last but not lease Ripken is in Pre-School. He is going to the same teacher Maycee & Bostin had, he loves it he is so board with out Bostin.
Maycee is my little fashioneista
Maycee is the only girl her age in our neighborborhood. She may hate it now but ... I am sure she will love it later (not too soon like 16)
Boss was most excited about his new shoes with orange laces... lookin good
Yes my boy match... I think it is cute. Speaking of cute, when rip & I started walking out of Boss's class rip started to cry he said "Bossy doesn't want to color he wants to come home" I picked him up and walked out to the car and put him in. Once i got in he stopped crying long enough to say "Bossy is crying we need to go pick him up, turn around" brotherly love sooo cute
Home from school with a smile
See yeah!


Ashton & Co. said...

They all look so cute! :)

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

school rocks!!! luv the pics!

The Borlands said...

Maycee is so fly!!! I need to go shopping with her... :)