Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bear Lake

Brett & I in bear lake. Brett and Brad had a regional retreat for pinnacle so they missed the 1st 2 days but then they joined us for the end! Better late than never ... Right ;)
A great sandcastle nani even made flags
Our Pentelute Castle
Buried alive
I love the playground there... And if you notice Maycee chopped 6 inch. off her hair, she look super cute with short hair

Rip asked to go mini golfing about 20 times a day
Nice form
matching Mermaids
I love building sand castles .....while Jaymie & Trista laid out
The carp love to suck on your toes, Ripken even pushed Bostin in right in the middle of them all at the dock. It was a traumatizing experience for him
At Ideal beach they have 2 pools and one has a diving board. The kids dove, flipped, and Jaymie taught Mackay a back flip
Brett & Jaymie did some surf board tricks
Rip loved going off the slide

Even Grandpa MacKay came up for a day of fun

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