Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kesler Cabin Week

Island Park was as beautiful as ever this year, lot of sun and fun. Not so much sun for me I still felt like crap but it was still fun. Every one skied a lot, played games, and went on a hike. This year we got an additional cabin where everyone had a room it was heavenly. With 15 adults and the kids out numbering them we have a Big crew. This year for our activity we played min. to win it, it was really fun. BY the end of the week we were all really tired
Rip the last mile of the hike... He just couldn't take it
Savannah & Maycee on the hike
Our fam
A BIrthday party Cam & Cami held
Got to love the razor!

I have lots more pics to post but they are on Bretts computer and he is not around... so later.

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