Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camping with Nani & Grandpa

My parents got a trailer, so of course Brett & I being the only campers in the family went to Anaconda camping in style. It was really fun we went fishing sat around the campfire & watched Brett play softball. The kids loved it. The 1st mourning when Ripken work up he comes over to our bed while he is giggling the whole way and says..."Hey I slept in the trailer" He basically thought he was the bomb.
Grandpa is a master fisherman, he helped the kids catch this fish & 5 more in 45 min.
The camper... not too shabby
Maycee wanted to kiss the fish... on a dare ;)
The big slide... all the kids went down 20 times even Rip
Why are baseball uniforms sooo HOT! Maybe it is just my husband ;)

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