Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

So we started this weekend off with a bang & decided to finely go see the ocean.  It is amazing to me the cold breeze that comes from the coast.  It can be soo hot and then you get by the water and you need a winter coat.  It is freezing and I am not sure how all the people in the water did not die of hypothermia. Questionable??? 
It was pretty though
Ripken was not sure if he liked the water or not.... Maycee and Bostin on the other hand started by running in and getting their feet wet... Yet by the end they were wet waist high.  Good thing we didn't have a change of clothes;)
After church on Sunday we went to go see the temple.  It was beautiful... of course.
Don't worry we didn't forget Ripken he was just sleeping in the car.  On our way to the temple we had one of our normal funny 3 yr. old talks with Bostin.  "Daddy will I be able to see Jesus at the temple" said Bostin.  Brett nicely explained that yes we say it is his house but he is not their.  He just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that he doesn't live at his house!!! Classic... Then he followed up with "...So..... will Jesus baptise  me"  Mind you he seemed disappointed it would be his dad instead...He is full of great ?'s.. He must have a great sunbeam teacher:)
On Monday we hit the pool.  It was soooo warm like bath water.  I love this pool it has a big shallow section.

Maycee is becoming a great little swimmer.  Bostin just sinks, but insists that you let him go.  He then sinks to the bottom of the pool, but when I pull him up he says, see I can swim... uhuuuh.... funny  (this is Atalade a friend maycee has made)  Brett flew out Sunday so we have lots planned to keep us busy this week.  Love you babe and miss you xoxoxox


Shamae said...

Great pictures! Looks like fun! I love the story of Bostin swimming and sinking. At least he is not scared huh? I guess that is good and bad though. Anyway cute pics. Glad you started a blog to keep everyone updated!

Scott & Katie Ulrich Family said...

Wow - the weather is definitely better there than it is here. It has been raining for a couple of days straight and will continue to throughout the week. We are so jealous of your warm weather and fun times!

Christie said...

I hope our pool in Seattle is that cool! I doubt it though... I'm leaving on Saturday to make the LONG drive. I'm so exited to go and see Dub but I have a feeling we still won't see too much of him:) It looks like you guys are having good times in Boston!
PS. I'm still jealous (since the last time I said that) your in BOSTON!

Erin said...

I hate to say it but I wish I we were out selling again. I miss hanging out with all of the other moms and their kids. Looks like a really fun pool. I think all pools should have a "Kiddie" end to play in.