Monday, May 5, 2008

Bathing In Boston

So it is that time of year.... The time of year we look forward to most, where we get to pack up our three kids and move across the country. Yes we love summer sales.!!! This summer we are in Boston, I am excited we have always wanted to come here.. Hopefully it will be fun. So far all it has been is rainy. This weekend we are going to see my cousin Ali in New Hampshire.  That will be fun and the weather has been sunny today so things are looking up :)
The kids were AMAZING on the air plane. People had to walk by us ...(we were right by the stinky bathroom) and when they did everyone would say how amazingly good they were. mind you I was sweating bullets pulling out all the tricks.. My bag of tricks was BIG! We have been here 3 days and have not done one fun thing yet.. hopefully soon. But the kids took their first bath with Ripken.. it was cute

Ripken loves his brother, and sister, almost as much as he loves baths!!

I just wanted to thanks my parents for the great birthday party they gave me before I left.. Birthdays are big deals at my house.. & Brett just doesn't understand the whole birthday WEEK! I mean hasn't he heard I am a pretty big deal ;) Miss you all already mom, dad, trista, and jaymie... and mackay and pyper xoxox


Shamae said...

Oh thats cute! I hope you guys have many great adventures in Boston! I hear it is a beautiful state.

Shamae said...

Ha ha ha I had to laugh at my typo. I mean I heard Boston is a beautiful CITY not state.

ashleyhollis said...

Hope you had a great birthday week! Your kids are getting so big. Krew just started bathing with Liv. I have to admit it is SO nice to get it all over with at once! i hope you guys have a fun summer in Boston.

go mom go said...

Boston, huh? Are you coming back for the family reunion in July? You can't miss it!
Enjoy yourselves and keep us up to date on all your fun adventures there in Boston here on your blog.

Joel and Michelle said...

Happy late birthday- I hope you guys are doing good in Boston. what a fun adventure. I didn't get to say good-bye before you left, but I hope you guys have fun and come home soon so we can go swimming again- Tess asked to play with Maycee the other day and I then realized you guys were gone. Crazy! Good luck and take lots of pics!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday, I want to have a Birthday Week. That is a great idea. It was so fun to see you in American Falls, Even though we didn't get to chat much. Hope you enjoy your summer