Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Busy

Maycee & Savannah

Maycee being brave
Rain storn fun
Cage up those kids ;)
Activity time
A blurry space needle
Rip was so amazing on the plane... thank you :)

This was the view out our window of our hotel, nice
We have been busy busy 1st was Kesler cabin week and the Wray reunion, then mid week we came home while Brett flew to another Pinnacle thing. While he was gone we had the Jacksons come and stay for 5 days. (it was super fun having you guys come back soon!) Then we all headed back to the Island park with the Keslers. The day we got home from I.P. my Parents took Maycee & Bostin camping and fishing. Thanks mom and dad you are the best, the kids had an amazing time. So while my parents had the big kids Ripken and I joined Brett on his business trip to Seattle for 3 days. It was beautiful, one of the few places I haven't ever been to. I went to a street market, saw the space needle, went to a horse race, and had some amazing seafood. All in all the last two weeks have been busy and super fun. :)


Shamae said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Seattle is beautiful, huh! Glad Rip was good on the plane...that always makes it nice! Take care.

jessica said...

Misty, it was so fun to catch up on your blog. You're having way too much fun this summer!! Your pics are DARLING and so are you and your kids!! love ya!

Michelle said...

Such cute pics- Seattle is way fun! I'm glad you got to go! Love that picture of Ripken on the plane. What a good baby!

Cami said...

glad you got to get a little trip in with your man...a little alone time is always nice! and with ripken in tote it must have reminded you of the glory days of being a mother of one...wasn't that easy now when you look back on it! luv the pics as always...luv cam