Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ripken Bodie 10 Mon.

Where has the time gone, it makes me sad to think he will be one soon.. weird

Love the sad face, all pics cant be of them happy

Owww brotherly love!
Ripken loves Maycee & Bostin so much. The min. I get him out of bed he is pushing past me and wants to see the kids. He laughs so cute at them. Even when Bostin is being what I think is too rough he just laughs. He has gotten to the point where he throws fits if they take a toy but the kids are learning to make good trades :) Rip still doesn't do what is called a "traditional crawl" but get places all the same. He loves to stand up to things and pulled him self up to standing for the first time today at the O'Donnells home. He can sit up from laying and chats all the time. His favorite words are ough ow, Gog (dog), na na na na with the head shake(no)( he hears that often)ahhh chew (with the head jerk when you sneeze). He makes our house happy, and all those around him happy. We love him and just want him to stay little, is that allot to ask;) I think not!!


Shamae said...

Oh he's so cute!! He seems like a great little baby!! They do grow up. It is sad. Well there's always room for more, right? ;) He is a cutie. When is his bday?

ashleyhollis said...

He is such a cutie...maybe someday I'll meet in real life!
Don't worry the sadness of a baby turning one doesn't go away. I think the whole week, even month, before Krew turned one I was SO extremely sad.

DeMille Family said...

Wow time does fly! Before I know it my twins will be there. Your little family is so cute and Ripkins little words are too!

'Till we Kiel over... said...

HE IS SO CUUUUTTEE!! All of your kids are adorable! I love this blog thing. It's fun to see your pics! :)

Nicole said...

Ripkin is looking so much like Bostin. I can't believe those pics, they are twins! I can't believe he is almost 1 either! I'm glad to see you are enjoying your summer! We are missing you guys out here though. I'm counting down the days until we come home!