Monday, August 18, 2008

Bear Lake

Our Family takes our croquet very seriously 
too cute for croquet 
thats one heck of a sand castle

we love ideal beach the pool the play ground

The mini golf!
Thanks Mom & Dad we had an amazing time :)


Shamae said...

That looks like such fun!! How cool to have a playground on the beach! That is genius!

trista said...

OHHH so much fun i missed out... I especially love the mermaid photo!

Amy said...

isn't bear lake amazing! We just spent the past 2 weekends there, but we stay in Azure Cove in Garden City. I do believe that we passed your parents on our way home while they were going! Looks like you had a great time!

Cami said...

looks like a great trip, i luv bostin's cheese! cami

marcee said...

Family Croquet, how fun !!!!! I wonder who won !!!!![ the Pentelute croquet competition ]this year !!!! Oh yea, that would be me!!!!! Dad was finally dethrond. Love, Mom

marcee said...

Dethroned , how ever you spell it

up in bubbles said...

Looks like fun. Good job on the 360 Brett. Looks like you still got it. You got to love summers and vactions.