Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long Time Friends

Our friend the Andersons came to visit our family again this year. They are such nice friend to my parents, they have been friends since we lived in Colorado 1983. So while they were her we hit up the sites and went to bear world it was my first time it was a fun place.
Three hot mama bears!!

The kids and a deer/ Bambi

Jaymie and Ripken & Tharina in the back
Mac, Bos & bostins new best friend Talmage (sorry if that's not spelled right)
Bear Hug!
Train ride
My mom and Rip. Thanks Andersons for coming it was soo fun to see you and reminiscing about the past. xoxox. Next time I will be better and get a picture of their family. You live and learn.


Shamae said...

Fun times!! Bear World is great fun!

Hamilton Family said...

I wish we could have been there this year! That looks like lots of fun. Therena told me that Talmage just loved Bostin. Oh, and I love Seattle, I'm totally jealous.