Monday, July 27, 2009

Project Time

So I don't know if every ones husband is like this, but my husband cant just sit around . He is all ways doing projects. So a month or so ago this was the Saturday project!
They dug a huge hole. They being Brett & Brad our brother in law Brad.
Then they put a pond liner & pump down, & filled it with big river rocks. Then moved the rock with the wench on the 4 wheeler.
Then they filled in the big rocks with little rocks, & put rubber mulch on top.
Tadah!! The finished project. Now we have a beautiful waterfall in the front of our house too. My husband is soooo AMAZING!
We had this rock drilled when we put in our yard then decided not to put it in, Brett said he would do it himself, and boy he followed through. Brett is very handy and can figure out anything he "wants" to do. :) If you know what I'm saying.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Daddy Daycare

While I was at girls camp 4 the week Brett was holding down the fort, And he even took the kids fishing. What a Good DAD!
Bosint reeling one in & I am impressed Maycee is holding it.
Bostin, Maycee,Sadie & Tess
Trista & Brad were out of town so Brett had Mackay Too!

Our Friends the Ashtons took the kids to a pond. They loved it, they caught some really big fish too. Thanks Brett for being a super Dad! And Michelle for watching Ripken, so every one could have such a great time.

Summer Fun!!

So when it comes to the thing we like most about the summer it would have to be boating.. It is the Best... even the kids have joined in this year, and have waterskiing skills :)

Bostin Age 4
Maycee 5
Ripken 1, and a little like the state puff marshmallow man. It is still cold in Idaho
Brett has a new 360 he lands consistently :0
Maycee & Pyper what cute posers