Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a Day

So today I went to the grocery store on the way home from picking up bostin from preschool. It was just a quick trip to grab milk and sugar cookie cookie dough. I of course am not quite ready for the day, my hair is wet. But, I did work out and get a shower in so we are on the right track.
So Ripken, Bostin, & I go into this cute family owned gracery staore in town that has mini shopping carts. SO I only need 2 things so I let them take the carts. All is going well, we get the items we check out. At check out Ripken throws his 1st fit. He wants a baby bottle pop. Why do grocery stores hate moms... Why are all those shelves filled with candy? I know it is just to punish me ;) So i pick him up and set him on the counter while I pay... and of course he is screaming baby bottle pop. Well I get him calmed down with the promise of pushing his cart out of the store. WE make it to the middle of the two automatic doors where we are going to leave our cart and carry our 4 bags, because I couldn't just buy the 2 things..
Where once again. A line of toys, this time bouncy balls for just 75 number 2... Ball please mommy is all I can hear. I say no and start walking out of the doors. Bostin who is at my side is trying to bribe his brother to come out and I am just standing there wishing every one in our town was not starring at me. As Rip is jumping up and down and not moving. The doors close, which really helps the situation and Bostin runs around and re opens them. So I go in and try to grab Rips arm and nicely escort him out of the store we make it to the out side of the door when he decides to go limp.. You all know the move I am talking about, so I am trying to carry milk, 4 bags and a big orange juice and a 30 ld. child. I drop my grocery's right in the middle of the parking lot. Tuck Rip under my arm and yell to Bostin COME ON... Bostin starts yelling what about my toaster waffles?? Please DONT LEAVE MY FOOD!!! I say I will go get them when we get to the car. Once at the car I start buckling in Rip who is straitening his body so you cant get his buckle on.... when I feel a tap on the shoulder some nice man has my groceries in his arms. He says "you look like you could use a hand" I want to yell "YOU THINK" but instead I say thank you so much.. It really was nice of him :) He says " I remember days like that" and I thought to my self I wish I could say that too. But this is my life.
He looks so sweet... But we all know under it all is a fit throwing.... Cute little Boy!URGH!
So to make my self feel better I finished a craft project. I recovered Jaymies chairs for her kitchen table.
I love the staple gun. Brett and my mom helped with the 1st a few nights ago then I finished today!
Then with the cookie dough I made fruit pizza

I have been getting these bountiful baskets they are fruit and veggies for a really cheap price. So I had all this fruit and was missing summer, but this did helped. So the day ended better than it started!


Kelsi Fullmer said...

oh mist I'm sorry! Funny story though! Ps. I'm sleeping over at your house tonight. Why do husbands have to leave us? save me a piece of the fruit pizza

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

sooo i was feeling depressed with the winter blues and made fruit pizza the other day to make it feel like summer! lol!

i feel your pain in the grocery store...everyone starring...blood boiling...starting to sweat and the kid just keeps getting louder & louder! these are the days of our lives right! mexico looked great!!! luv cami

Jaymie said...

loved the story :) and LOVE YOU for covering my chairs.. your a gem!! O and.. cant wait for tracy in the morning. LOVE YOU! OXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

he is cute and I totally understand the look sweet/devil... Boys got to love them.