Monday, September 17, 2012

Just a little Favor?

Blog Friends I know you are shocked right now to see a post from me.  My life has been crazy & speaking of one of the many things taking up my time ..... I decided to enter the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant.  It has been a really great experience, the main reason I wanted to do this pageant was to experience just what it feels like for all the beautiful and talented girls, in the Scholarship program I direct Distinguished Young Women of Madison. I have never been in a pageant yet I have directed 2 of them and been involved in pageants for 9 years now.  SO I thought it was time to step up and do one my self.  ..... I know what your thinking... is there a swimsuit competition.  The AWNSER is YES .... and what is your talent?  Well there isn't a talent section... but if their was I would dance of course ;)

Now comes the FAVOR.... I have a platform called make it count Finding Purpose In Life Through Service, I also have a blog & I would love to add a testimonial section.  So if you have a few min.  I would love some testimonials on how doing service has helped you or how having service performed for you or your family has effected your life and how you are making the most of your life!  Just email your testimonials to or leave it in the comment section thanks so much!

I also have exciting news!  Most of you know that Brett and his siblings were on Family Feud this summer well the air date is Oct. 1st game show network! Set you DVR's for a great laugh!!!!

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