Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Best Big Sister Ever :)

Maycee is such a great help with her little brothers. I think the space between the two of them is just right. (she is 5 he is 6 mon.)
Sooooo Big
I love it when babies put their hands on your mouth... he wants to talk too
Can you feel the love ;)
Ripken has just started giving kisses, It is so cute when they grab your face and lay a big slobery kiss on you. Maycee thinks he slobbers a little too much.. But I LOVE it. Why do babies have to grow up?? They were all soo cute at one time, I mean they are still so cute:) (Maycee was feeling bad I was taking pics of Rip and said why do you all ways take pictures of him and not me... Girls are super funny)


go mom go said...

Great pics!
Angela Nelson

Jaymie said...

o my gosh! talk about super cute! :) love it!! nice picture taking skills.. im amazed..! yes.. im reading your blog instead of studying for my test.. o well! :) love you

Shamae said...

So cute! Maycee seems like a good big sister!

trista said...

WOW your pics are amazing.. I am so proud, maycee is the best big sis it is so cute to see her with rip!!