Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Salt Lake City

Trying to keep the kids in line at cheese cake factory.. So Ripken decided to drop a bomb and when I picked him up to take him to the bathroom, I went to check to see if all the bodily fluids stayed in place and owww no it was a blow out and I had poop all over my boob. I had grazed the side of him and yes I had poopy boobs...Thats Hot.... priceless . This was just the best way to end the weekend!;)
Walking on Mars, looking for Aliens ....Boinga boinga
Future Weather Girls
Trista, Pyper, Mackay, & Jaymie

Ripken being an angel ...as usual
Build a bear rocks

Get pumped
The Planitarium

Yes we all stayed in one hotel room 8 people... lots of love

So this weekend I went to SLC & Provo. My sister in law Cami had a birthday party and we love her sooo much we drove down for it... Happy Birth Day Cami she is 7 yrs old now (her B-Day is on leap year) Brett was out of town so we made the most of it. We being Jaymie, Trista and 5 kids!! We had some good moments and some bad but in the end when it was over and we got home Maycee my 5 yrs old said... " MOM thanks so much for taking me to ... Build a Bear, the planitarium , Camis birthday party, and buying me a new outfit... I love you soo much. You are the best mom ever!!!" Yeah you can buy happiness. j/k Maycee says the cutest things
Everyone is asking when I cut my hair... about two weeks ago. 8 in. shorter its a big change


Jaymie said...

dang.. who is your blonde sister.. she is HOTT!! o.. wait.. i bet thats not the kind of comment you wanted. i mean. MAN misty your so good at blogging our weekend! i was so filled with memories when i looked at it.. your truly gifted ;)
Was that good?

Shamae said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Cute hair! When did you cut it? And 8 people in 1 hotel room...you are brave! Anyway glad you had a great time!

Erin said...

Oh, Im so jealous you were in Utah. Misty, I love your hair. When did you cut it. Your kids are so cute. Can't believe how fast they are growing.

TerriLyn said...

Cute hair! What a rockin' trip to SLC. Sorry about the poopy boob. I laughed hard. :-) You are such an optimist.

Christie said...

Poopy Boobs are sooo HOT! That was too funny!!!
Thx for ur comment about the slings...friends are allowed to enter the contest you know;)

Andreaspon said...

Looks like so much fun...poopy boob and all...so funny! You guys really are brave 8 people in one hotel room WOW! Cute photos Misty!

ashleyhollis said...

Looks like so much fun...you always have to make the most of husbands being gone. I just cut like inches off of my hair too. I like it so much better though! I LOVE yours.

go mom go said...

New to your blog. I love it. I'm so excited about Kesler Country.
Angela Nelson

Cami said...

Mist - Thanks for coming down, luved, luved seeing you all...only wish it could have been longer! Ripken is so cute...poop and all, gotta luv him! luv Cami

jessica said...

Never a dull moment when kids are involved eg? Especially 5... wow. That's so fun though- you can tell that your family are your best friends- I am the same way! You look beautiful and I love the hair!