Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday MOM!

MOM Top Ten

#10. Just talking to my MOM puts a smile on my children’s (& my) face, She is the Best Nani
#9. My MOM knows everything about me and never judged me
#8. My MOM took me through the temple
#7. She taught us all about the gospel (this could also be #1)
#6. My MOM taught me to go over and above the call of duty & if you are going to do something to GO ALL OUT!
#5. She always made me feel smart
#4. She can keep a secret when it counts
#3. She pushed me to help me achieve every thing good in my life
#2. I know my MOM would give her life for me & always put us 1st
#1. My MOM is my BEST Friend!

Feb. 18th is my moms 50th birthday and I thought it would be great to let my mom know how great she is.
Happy Birthday Mom I love you!


Shamae said...

What a sweet post Misty. Your mom sounds great!

Cami said...

super cute Mist! are you guys doing anything extra special for the big that a question, i mean what r you guys doing??? mom's are the best, i will be waiting for the b-day celebration photos! luv cam