Monday, February 4, 2008

My 1st Tag

Husband Tag
What is his name? Brett Wray Kesler

How long have you been married? It Was 7 yrs. in Aug

Who long did you date? 9 Months

How old is he? 29

Who eats more sweets? Brett he Loves Candy

Who said I love you first? He did...

Who is taller? Brett he is 6 ft.

Who can sing better? He sings much better than me...he sings in the shower, in the car....anywhere. Any one who has stayed at our house has been sarenaded by his daily shower concert.

Who is smarter? I have a degree... that makes me smarter than him Right?

Who does the laundry? Don't go leaving your husbands for mine... but HE DOES the LAUNDRY!! Dream guy I know;)

Who pays the bills?He does I was fired!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do, better acess to the baby.

Who mows the lawn?Brett but I like to

Who cooks dinner? Brett has Never cooked for us. I don't even think he can...
Who drives? Brett, if you can call texting and looking at the road every few min. driving:)

Who is more stubborn? Me... Brett lets me be

Who kissed who first? Brett the first time we meet, two days off the mission... brave
Who proposed? He sent me on a scavenger hunt for Easter, it was way cute

Who has more siblings? He has 6 I have 2

Who wears the pants? Him but sometimes I borrow them :)

My favorite thing about Brett is that he is so fun and laid back. I never know what to expect, he keeps me guessing and keeps things super fun in our family. I think I am the luckest wife ever.

I tag: Cami, Shamae, Amy, Annie & Steff


Cami said...

That Brettski...I think he gets it all from his older brother :)))) Luved it! Cam

trista said...

He wears the pants?????? Yah right! Good job on your first tag!!!! It was awesome!!!

jessica said...

It was so good hearing from you!! It was so fun seeing your darling kids, and you look amazing as well.. no surprise there! It will be fun to keep updated. Your house looks SO pretty. Are you guys still in security? Look forward to hearing from you!


I am so glad we got to see you guys for a few minutes during our visit! I wish it could have been more. Your blog is awesome...its the best way to keep in touch. I hope you don't get completely covered in SNOW!